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iPhone OS4 update makes all photos existed blur.

iPhone OS4 update makes all photos existed blur.

After we updated to iPhone’s OS4, all photos existed will be blurred.
I was surprised to notice that.
Oh no, my important photos…
But apparently, it’s a bug of new OS.
Sync again, and it will be fixed.
Although, if we fix it after we sync again, it’s not a bug, isn’t it?

iPhone 4にアップデートした後、アップデート以前の写真すべてがぼやけていた!

Fan Mail (not about TLC)

Last night I got an email from one of my fans.
He said “Have you been singing and making the songs?”
Yes, I’ve been doing this.
but I’m trying to send my song over the world and studying about music business. So I couldn’t do that in Tokyo.
Anyway, I’ll let you know when I started any activity or something.
I wrote him these things.
I was moved by his email like that.
and when I watched boxing on TV, I thought that I should do spend more time to music or not?

I did overwrite my own blog!

Damn! I was wrong that I did overwrite my blog!
I’m managing my some sites by WordPress.
till last night I had 3 sites.
but I found that one site was overwritten this morning.
Of course I didn’t expect it.
I made a new site about my ezine of English.
and I used of database for it.
If I use same database I arleady use, I should have written something need in my php file, but I forgot it.
I don’t know if I should make it again or not.
but I’ll take care of it.
In a sense, I had a great experience!

Chorus for Owaranaitabi

We have a lot of snows in Tokyo recently.
In Hamburg, they had 20 cm snows, said my friend.
So my places are not harder than theirs.
It snowed this morning though,
I didn’t mind about that.
I did running.
I want to run 3 days a week at least.
Rain makes me soaked but it’s OK with snow.

I recorded the chorus part of “Owaranaitabi” English ver.
I already had some break through about this song.
I want you to listen it early.
I’ll mix it from tomorrow.
Can I mix that we can more easy to listen?
It’s optimistic of me to think about my mixing technic.
I hope I’ll get through it!!!



Vocal recording for “Owaranaitabi”

I did Vocal recording this evening.
of “Owaranaitabi” in English lyrics version.
I’ll record some chorus parts and I’ll mix it.

Hey, ez Japanese lesson.
Owaranai = Owaru + nai
Owaru means stop
nai means do not.
Owaranai means do not stop.
ex. Kaeranai = Kaeru + nai
Kaeru means go home
nai means do not.
so Kaeranai means do not go home.

Owaranaitabi Logic

Owaranaitabi Logic